Take Your Wedding To New Heights With Our Planning System!


I wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I LOVE this planner! I love how everything easily visible at a glance and it’s the perfect way to keep everything in one place! And it's soooooo pretty!


You had me at "Seating Plan"! this is the best way I've found to organize our seating arrangements, knowing where to sit family members, single friends and those last minute RSVP's!


The app is a life saver - I can access all my information and add to my planning anytime. I use it daily and I love getting notifications on my phone from my mom and fiancé when we get jobs done!


The flexibility to make it my own is awesome! It's was so easy to use! I've added all our family traditions to our schedule and deleted the cards that were not relevant to our wedding. You've thought about it all! Thanks so much!


I'm a paper planner and my mum bought me this planner. It is hands down the easiest and most fun way to plan! I have my bridesmaids collaborating on my planning, we are able to see exactly who is in charge of each task, we've created a whole board of fun games we can do leading up to the wedding. This is seriously so fantastic! Every bride needs to have one!


I'm a very organized person and already use Trello so It was clear that I needed these boards in my life! Having all the guides and timelines all laid out for me to simply copy the boards and get started was just heaven sent! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your honeymoon board! It's got items I hadn't thought of! You've done an amazing job on this!